Vegan Rockstar


About Me

I’m S-Endz… some people know me as Casey Rain. I’m a mixed-race vegan male from the UK, and I’m a professional rapper, vocalist, music producer, sometime documentary maker, and presenter. I became very well known as a teen - after re-forming the band Swami with my cousin DJ Swami. The band had been dormant for a few years following a successful international debut album called “Desi Nu Skool Beatz”, but the original line-up had split after that album. In 2004, we released an album called “DesiRock” which was released internationally through Sony BMG under the name “So Who Am I” - I co-wrote and rapped on every track. The title track, “DesiRock” went on to feature in a number of TV shows, movies and video games. 

We toured the world a great deal for the next few years and then released the follow-up album “Equalize” internationally on Virgin/EMI in 2007. This album yielded two more big singles - “Hey Hey” and “Electro Jugni”, the CGI space-themed video for the latter racking up half a million plays on YouTube. More tours followed and I began to work on a solo project around this time.

Our Greatest Hits compilation “53431” was released in 2009, which featured two new songs, one of which, “Sugarless” would become our biggest track to date and led us around the world again on another tour! This time, we had the cameras rolling whilst on the road and documented the whole experience in a series of video blogs and the music video for “Sugarless”.

It’s now 2011 and we’re wrapping up our new album, “#UPGRADE” which is our most ambitious and greatest work to date. It’s a wild ride and it’s only gonna get more extreme! I also hope to release my solo debut, “Emanate” very soon.

Sometime along this whole process, I became vegan - for both health reasons as well as moral ones. I had been vegetarian for some time prior, and came to realize that the same issues I had with animals being killed for meat, existed within farming of dairy products. And I came to discover that there were just as many potential health reasons - perhaps even more - with animal by products as there is for eating meat. I’m passionate, but not militant about veganism, and perhaps somewhat idealistic - yes, I believe the world would be a MUCH better place if everyone was vegan! Perhaps it’s not realistic, but I’ll settle with teaching people a few home truths on the subject…. but without preaching!

Despite the title, this blog isn’t ALL about being vegan - expect to hear about what I’m listening to, gigs I’ve been to, and my general experiences on tour too. You know, all that good stuff!

Peace, and be wild!